Installing Dymos#

Basic installation#

Dymos can be installed from pip using

python -m pip install dymos

The cutting-edge development version of Dymos may be installed with

python -m pip install git+

Installation (developer mode)#

If you intend to modify Dymos, build the documentation, or run the tests locally, you should add [all] to the PIP installation to include some documentation and testing-specific installation dependencies.

After cloning out Dymos to a local directory, installing using the -e flag installs Dymos in “developer mode.” This removes the need to reinstall Dymos after changes are made.

git clone ./dymos.git
python -m pip install -e dymos.git[all]

Installing Advanced Dependencies#

Many of the simple dependencies for Dymos are installed via pip, however a few more dependencies are required in some more advanced use-cases.

mpi4py and petsc4py#

Together, mpi4py and petsc4py enable parallel processing in Dymos via MPI. The easiest way to install mpi4py is to use the anaconda python environment.

    conda create -n py38 python=3.8;
    conda activate py38;
    conda config --add channels conda-forge;
    conda install mpi4py
    conda install petsc4py

MPI capability is generally only necessary in some very niche use-cases.